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On 8 June 2000 the Olympic Torch arrived at Ayers Rock in Central Australia and began its journey around the country. Most states donated vehicles for use during the Torch relay and generally these vehicles used general issue plates from their home state. NSW-registered cars used either Olympic Official, general issue or regular Premium Custom plates with no specific Olympic significance.


Fortunately the South Australian registered cars were the exception. Two cars received SA Corporate plates with TORCH and RELAY registrations in black on a special reflective white base showing the General Motors lion logo in red above HOLDEN in black and the white on red slogan bar saying 'On the Road to Sydney'. No doubt the Olympic symbol copyrights precluded the use of the official Olympic signage on the plates, but the slogan and the registration numbers make these two pairs the only Relay-specific special plates used.



These South Australian plates travelled the country with the Olympic torch vehicle convoy and were subsequently photographed in various Australian states by NPCC members.




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