Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a collection of number plates? Where do I find them?


How do I join NPCC?

Joining NPCC is easy. Just click on the 'membership' link on the site menu on any page within this website, follow the instructions and you will soon enjoying all the benefits of being a club member.

Is number plate collecting expensive?

Like any hobby, number plate collecting can be as affordable or as expensive as you allow it to be. Many plates can be acquired for very little money and if you're great at sourcing them, even for free! Plates vary in value from a dollar or two and can go into the thousands. A beginner will usually suffice with plates in the lower monetary values. As your collection and knowledge grows, so will your taste for the more expensive plates. Trading amongst other collectors is a great way to get new acquisitions without having to delve into your hip pocket. 

There's so many plate varieties, what do I collect?

This is a common question from new collectors. The best advice we can give to any new collector is enjoy your interest in number plates in any way shape or form until you find your feet. In almost all cases, new collections are varied and will consist of almost any plate type you can get your hands on. This is quite normal and and is an exciting way to learn more about the hobby. As your collection grows you may wish to specialise in a certain area. Some collectors chase only taxi or motor cycle plates. Others will concentrate on a particular theme like olympic or sporting related plates. 'Runs' (alphabetical or numerical patterns) are quite common amongst collectors as are birth year runs (plates containing the numerals of your birth year or manufactured in your year of birth). You may wish to concentrate on plates solely from your own state or region or perhaps you want the real challenge of acquiring a plate example from each country in the world (it has been done!) There really are no rules which makes the hobby as unique and individual as you. 

Are pairs worth more than singles?

In most cases the answer is no. One single example of a number plate is all that is usually required to satisfy your needs and fill that gap in your collection. It is common amongst collectors to use the second of a pair as 'trade bait' to acquire another plate they want or need. In very few cases, such as the 1956 Melbourne Olympics number plate issue, a pair can be very desirable. In other instances, a mismatched pair of plates are also worth keeping together, for example an early manufactured enamel plate and a newer aluminium plate bearing the same combination.

I found an old number plate that's all rusty, is it worth keeping?

It all depends on the type of plate. If the plate is an ordinary general issue plate then it's probably not worth keeping. These general issue plates in great condition are easily acquired through other club members for just a few dollars. On the other hand, a old rusty rarity such as an early government type could definitely be worth keeping even if the condition is poor. Always take the plate home with you and seek answers from other club members to help identify the plate before disposing of it.