Becoming a member of the NPCC has invaluable benefits. If you're a number plate collector or enthusiast, consider joining today. The club is a great way to meet others with a common interest in number plates. If you enjoy buying, collecting or trading number plates, or if you just enjoy spotting them in traffic or are interested in their history, being a member of NPCC will open up new avenues and help you increase your plate knowledge. Membership also gives you access to the complete (current) membership list of approximately 650 members.

Members of NPCC have access to all functions, including national and regional meets, and also receive a quarterly newsletter. Based on a magazine format, this full colour newsletter has fantastic photos, great articles and all the latest news. It's a valuable source of information and becomes a great reference library to refer back on.

How to Join

There are two simple ways to join NPCC:

Postal Application:  please print this application form and return to the Secretary with the appropriate remittance by snail mail to:

PO Box 251


Club membership costs:

Australia    New Zealand    Europe       North America
AUD $40.00   AUD $45.00   Euro $35.00   US $40.00
This fee covers membership for the club year from January to December, and those joining part way through the club year receive all newsletter issues back to the beginning of the club year.

Upon receipt of your application and payment, the club Secretary will forward your membership card and number along with all appropriate documentation to the postal correspondence provided by you.